All that you see in your life begins within you. Every answer you seek lies within the depths of your spirit.
You simply need someone to show you the way inside...

Aumara Saatia Ra is a spiritual teacher and intuitive channel that links her consciousness directly to a team of non-physical Master teachers to provide you with solutions and guidance specific to your personal challenges and spiritual development. The Masters, who refer to themselves collectively as Theos, speak directly to your heart imparting their gentle love and wisdom. What you receive is a unique and highly individualized experience that will change your life by opening you up to the truth about yourself.

The obstacles that you face in your life have their roots within your pysche. Aumara and Theos assist you to bring those roots to the surface and walk with you every step of the way as you work through them.

Receive Divine Assistance with:

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • Meditation
  • Relationship Questions
  • Understanding Events in Your Life
  • Spiritual Development & The Realization of Self
  • Unaswered Questions
  • Identifying and Removing Energy Blockages

Ask your deepest questions and receive illuminating answers in a Private Session with Theos. Enjoy Classes and Workshops and join with other like-minded individuals in a comforting, open environment. Relax with a Guided Meditation and embark on a soothing journey inward.

When you sit down with Aumara, you enjoy an intimate conversation with the Masters. Embrace this special gift, open your heart, and realize yourself.

Theos Speaks of Their Intention

We speak of Love! We speak of the ways to connect to the Love within. We provide lessons to be applied to set oneself free from the bondage of self-imposed limitations.

We shine Light where there is darkness. We assist in the realization of Self. We are here for All! All levels of consciousness are a part of the whole; the One. No exceptions! No exclusions! Only Love Exists in the One Heart! Ah, this is to be experienced by All.”  – Theos

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